Frontpage Welcome Message

Welcome to St. Pete’s!  We thank you for visiting our website, and praise God for the opportunity to take a little time with you.

St. Peter’s Place began in 2003 with the mission of worshiping our Creator, building Community, and discovering our Calling.  Strong community is very important to us at St. Peter’s Place. We began as neighborhood Bible study and fellowship groups, and we’ve kept the feeling of closeness and openness that we started with. We do not become Christians in isolation, and we do not live the Christian life in isolation. Both building and being a part of a healthy Christian community are key to our mission.

What really makes St. Peter’s Place unique, though, is our focus on calling: discovering God’s call on our lives and how we can live it out. We want everyone to gain from the opportunity to use the gifts God has given them, and this is the place where that can happen. St. Peter’s Place can help you to find out what God’s call is for you and put that call to action-at church, at home, in the community, and in the marketplace. St. Peter’s Place is a growing church with a big heart.

We invite you to visit St. Peter’s Place – to experience who we are and where we are headed.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

Jonathan D. Golden
Pastor, Reverend, Father or simply Jonathan